Give with Purpose and Prudence

Did you know that many times your digital donations lose as much as 10% or more by the time your organization receives it? Destiny Giving was conceived by a Pastor/Non-profit CEO who understands the needs of non-profits. Bottom line, more money stays with your organization for the fulfillment of vision.

Anything you can do, you can do better.

Give without limits

No app required, you can give wherever you are, whenever you like. Our no-hassle approach means there’s no special software to download and no technical hoops to jump through along the way. Once you’ve completed your details the first time, your data is stored securely and you can go about your giving speedily and seamlessly.

Manage your account... or several

Set up multiple sources for your donations - your business bank account, personal debit card - and fund your organization’s next great project from precislely the source you choose. However you give, with Destiny Giving your money will always follow your lead.

Control center

See all of your donations at a glance, search your complete history of transactions, add organization to your list of favorites and keep a close eye on all of your giving... right from the comfort of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. No accessories required!

Get even more from your giving

Recurring payments allow you to set up regular payments automatically. Your dashboard shows your most recent transactions so you’re always in the loop. Start new automated payments or stop them in just a few clicks. For each organization you give to, choose precisely where you want your money to go - for instance ‘tithe’ or ‘building project’. And that’s just for starters!

P.S. Non-Profits

will love you!

We’re proud of the fact that we make giving easier for you and always welcome your feedback to make our service even better. When you give with Destiny Giving, your recipients are enjoying a multitude of savings and benefits too.

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