Destiny Giving delivers an effortless way of giving and receiving financial contributions instantly via a smartphone, computer or tablet. We invite you to take a closer look and see if we might just be one of the simplest and yet most comprehensive solutions for your digital giving needs.

Give more, Get More, Serve More, All the More's

Receiving money

Destiny Giving is great for your non-profit organization if you want to:

  • Eliminate exorbitant sign-up fees
  • Avoid lengthy contractual obligations
  • Be good stewards with what you receive
  • Enjoy a straightforward way to take donations
  • Reduce card processing costs
  • Benefit from simple and sophisticated reports
  • Get a complimentary listing on this web site
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Giving money

Destiny Giving is an unbelievably suave and savvy tool for your giving if you want to:

  • Do all your giving from a single secure screen
  • Manage giving from different accounts
  • Use more than one credit/debit card
  • Support local & international Organizations
  • Specify your giving to go to a specific fund
  • View your complete giving history from anywhere
  • Set up recurring payments for automated giving
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Also, we have a social conscience, just like our donors.

Destiny Giving is founded by Pastor Lonny Bingle (a non-profit CEO since 1981), who enlisted the help of two talented friends Kevin and Phil, to simplify digital giving and reduce the fees for non-profit organizations. We continue to improve our offering every day and are committed to creating world class digital solutions, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and service.